News | Magandang Gensan! Serbisyong Heneral goes to Barangay Katangawan

Progress with Purpose, Passion and Pioneering Spirit true to its Mandate by providing fast and good service to every generals.
City Mayor Hon. Lorelie Pacquiao alongside former Congressman Bobby Pacquiao in cooperation with the Bobslor Foundation is once again on the move and in active duty in offering assistance providing Barangay Katangawan residents with social services. together with the 31 LGA offices indefatigably partake in the Service Day including The Philippine Eagles Club, Bob'slor Pacquiao Foundation and Barangay 102.3 FM and many other active sponsors.
Following that, Hon. Mayor Lorelie Pacquiao together with former Congressman met with the barangay heads at mayor's hour to discuss and address issues in Barangay Katangawan.
Barangay ang BIDA, Serbisyong kaka-IBA!

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